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IC ručna kamera za nadzor - ICS11

PIK ID: 8036831


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ICS11 and ICS12 – compact thermal imaging cameras for surveillance and prosecution

Surveillance monoculars ICS – Go to shop …
  • Universally applicable thermal imaging systems for surveillance, object protection or prosecution
  • MP4 video recording function in IR format for documenting proof
  • Durable and weatherproof, even in the roughest environments

The cost-effectiveness is attractive, making the surveillance monoculars the preferred thermal imaging system for universal safety applications.

At just 650 g, these light cameras were specially developed for surveillance and make it possible to monitor inconspicuously, while you control the camera with only one hand, even on longer ­operations.

Ready to go in under twenty seconds, all camera functions can be used intuitively and quickly thanks to the well thought out ­central button arrangement on the top of the device. For example, use the practical thermal imaging video function for recording comprehensive proof.

ICS11 set

The maintenance free, uncooled micro-bolometer with 110,592 self sufficient temperature measuring points generate full radiometric thermal ­images at a resolution of 384 x 288 pixels (ICS12), which are shown on the high definition grey scale OLED monocular of the camera at optimal quality.

Advanced functions such as automatic contrast and brightness, dual zoom function and switching between white-hot and black-hot grey scale make it possible to get the best thermal imaging results in all weather and at all times of the day.

Due to the very high thermal sensitivity and the geometric resolution of these surveillance cameras, people and vehicles can be safely and quickly detected at a large distance, even at night or in inclement conditions.

Because despite the ultra compact ­design, the thermal imaging camera impresses in its surveillance work due to the noteworthy distances covered – the ICS12 makes it possible to detect people up to 1,125 metres away, while clear detection of people is possible up to 112 metres away with the ICS12.

Technical dataICS11ICS12
Item number3.110.003.2203.110.003.221
Radiometric imagingDetector typeFocal Plane Array (FPA), uncooled micro-bolometer
Detector resolution160 x 120 pixels384 x 288 pixels
Spectral range8 - 14 µm
Thermal sensitivity< 0.08 °C
Field of view9° x 6°12° x 9°
Geometric resolution1.0 mrad0.56 mrad
Image repetition frequency50 Hz
Focus10 m ~ ∞
Minimum focal distance10 m
Image representationViewfinderHigh definition grey scale OLED monocular with diopter compensation
System equipmentFunctionsColour: grey and inverted grey; automatic contrast and brightness;
temperature compensation function, dual digital zoom; photo and video recording
Data storageRemovable slot for SD card (storage capacity for e.g. 20,000 images or
two hours of MP4 video on a 4 GB SD card)
Detection reachVehicles1,150 m3,450 m
Persons375 m1,125 m
Identification reachVehicles192 m345 m
Persons63 m112 m
Power supplyBattery typeLithium ion battery, rechargeable
Operating time> 3 h
Ambient conditionsType of protectionMIL-STD-810G
Physical characteristics (camera)Dimensions188 x 94 x 80 mm
Weight650 g
InterfacesVideo outputPAL/NTSC
Scope of supplyStandard versionCamera with standard optics, user case, lens cap, two rechargeable batteries,
battery charger, video cable, USB cable, 4 GB SD card, operating manual
Optional interchangeable lenses24° x 18°, 48° x 36°

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